Thursday, February 9, 2012

Render unto Caesar Registration ...

h/t Illinois Carry

Chicago Mayor Calls for Statewide Registration
of All Handguns!

In his zeal to keep law-abiding citizens defenseless, Rahm Emmanuel now wants to add to the already burdensome process of owning a handgun - not just for residents in Chicago but for EVERYONE in the entire state of Illinois.

Mayors cannot introduce legislation but, in keeping with former mayors of Chicago like Richard "Ban All Guns But Mine" Daley, Emmanuel is expected to send his proposal to Springfield via the representatives and senators from Chicago.

Rahm's proposal would require statewide registration of all handguns. To add insult to injury the registration process would include a hefty fee of $65 for EACH handgun! Certificates of registration would have to be renewed every 5 years with a fee of $25 per gun. (for more details go to

We Must Fight Chicago's Insanity!!

Be in Springfield on Wed. March 7 for
IGOLD 2012

 Make Sure Your Voice is Heard!

MAYOR of Mordor-on-the-Lake ... a city ... seeks to rule the State.
In so doing reveals his true appetite and intentions.

Addendum; Just heard a sound-bite from Rahm via the a.m. dial; "You already buy a title for an auto, you already buy a title for a motorcyclye, you already buy a title for a boat. I'm not asking you to do anything you're not already doing."

Really? That's EXACTLY what you're doing. Liar.


Underground Carpenter said...

Hi Art,

"They" just never give up, do they? And "they" don't understand why, with all the registration fees and sales taxes, why Americans are reluctant to buy new cars.


Art said...

Hey Dave -
No ... "They" never give up.
Autos are "registered" to use the public roads. Which is a "privilege".

"Title" for a handgun? "They" purport that this will help police. I contend that "They" aim to collect fees. Especially since all the info "they" aim to collect is already on our FOIDs as well as form 4473's.