Saturday, October 30, 2010

Just a memory now ...

Note to self; WRITE DOWN Match Schedules. The IDPA match that I thought was this morning, evidently was LAST week. Giant disappointment. As it is, I'm sorry I hadn't starting shooting here years ago. To discover that I missed the last match eveh here... well it just sux. I'll have to check out the Filipino Mafia YouTube channel to see if they've got any vids posted.

Howell Shooting Club IDPA match 09/25/10... assembling before safety briefing

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Gary Reeder Custom Guns "Mastadon"

Happiness is ...

a warm gun.  Tip o' the Hat to J. Lennon and the Fab Four.
Don't know why. After a Saturday morning outdoors, solving simulated tacti-cool "problems" with a handgun ... there's a certain satisfaction. Prolly just from fondling my "fetishized" tool!
The hook, the refrain, from the noted song - is forever burned in this shooters frontal cortex ... and surfaces intermittently, unbidden, whilst on the range. (No voices to report yet!) Was suprised to read that John Lennon may have been alluding to his herion habit in the lyrics
For you youngsters ... The Beatles ...  White Album ... Listen.

Happiness (is a warm gun)
Bang Bang Shoot Shoot
Happiness (is a warm gun, momma)
Bang Bang Shoot Shoot

(When I hold you in my arms)
Oooooooooh, oh yeah!

And when I feel my finger on your trigger
Oooooooooh, oh yeah!

I know nobody can do me no harm
Oooooooooh, oh yeah!

Happiness (is a warm gun, momma)
Bang Bang Shoot Shoot

Happiness (is a warm gun)
Bang Bang Shoot Shoot

Yes it is, gun!
Happiness (is a warm gun)
Bang Bang Shoot Shoot

Happiness (is a warm gun)
is a warm gun, yeeeaahhh!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

ZOMG! Vampire gun!

I do believe this Colt was featured extensively in American Handgunner magazine some years ago.
Like many things ghoulish ... it rises from the dead again here. The WaPo of all places!
The article also links to the National Firearms Museum. Maybe somebody was tasked with a Halloween story?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday Morning with Jack

09/23/10 Lyons, IL @ Midwest Guns
The usual suspects gather to burn powder, sling lead, perf cardboard an' maybe learn something.

Ol' Jack showin' us how it's done.

The fix for squibs

Soooo ... I was unprepared the last time (2 weeks ago) that I got a "pop" instead of a "bang". Luckily, one of the usual suspects lent me a "bore rod" that got me up'n'running again. My range bag was missing one tool that turns a bullet lodged in your barrel from a potential catastrophy into just another malf cleared.

That would be the Kubotan.
Part keyring. Part "small impact tool".
Easily carried in pocket or bag.

And purty damned handy for inserting into barrel, and forcing a jammed up pistol or revolver to cough up a lodged pill.

Massad Ayoob of Lethal Force fame used to sell 'em. He wrote at length about their use by cops 'n gunnies.