Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hey Moe! I'm a poet! I just din't know it!

There once was a blogger named Og,
His keyboard he daily would flog,
He now waxes poetic,
'bout a day quite majestic,
You can find it all on his blog

IL Politics

I apologise for the constant interruption of politics in this space.
However as a shooter living in the shadow of Mordor on the Lake, the stench intrudes into my daily life.
I promise a range run report later this week.
© Oleg Volk

First ... to answer Oleg's question, Why do IL legislators side with criminals?
Cuz "birds of a feather flock together" is the short answer. Plus ya can't be a Savior without a VICTIM to save. Politicians want you to believe that they can solve your problems. In other words, they lie.

Kurt at the St. Louis Examiner writes an interesting article titled Illinois stands alone in banning armed self-defense. In it he quotes the Mighty Quinn espousing the need to keep our streets safe from hidden handguns (concealed carry) “We must ensure the safety of our neighborhoods, and allowing concealed carry does not advance that goal,”
There's a few things our esteemed (appointed via succession/Blago impeachment) governor fails to admit;
  • Illinois is full of concealed carry. Criminal Concealed Carry. What we lack is legal CCW
  • Government can never ensure safe neighborhoods. That is determined by the daily actions of you and your neighbors.
Legislators can do only one thing. Write laws. Thats it. Nothing more. They can't ensure your safety. They can't promote your well being.  When your only tool is writing law, every solution to societal problems becomes one of just writing the correct mix of laws. Herein lies the problem. The natural Law of Unintended Consequences trumps man-made legislation ever' single time.

Illinois statehood was ratified in 1818. We've had almost 200 years of the political class legislating our general welfare, commerce and all other aspects of daily life. The system as practiced in Illinois appears to be corrupt and rotten to the core.
New tougher seatbelt law! Feel safer yet?

I'll end with a quote from an really smart, old dead guy, "The more laws, the less justice"
Folks round here even named a town after him.
Irony seems to be the one resource that Illinois has no shortage of.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Blago Guilty

Verdict announced as of 2:15 Central. Guilty on 17 of the 20 charges.

Criminal conviction: Heartwarming!
Eligible for up to 355 years of prison.
I'd like to pull the .50 outta the safe and send a few rounds downrange in celebration.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hey Marcell !

Post spurred by Underground Carpenter2

Dave posits the question, "Does silence equal consent?"
Then asks "If the American military, out subjugating the world, hadn’t shown our local cops how to bust down doors and murder people, would we have multiplying SWAT armies here at home?"

I call "foul!" It ain't the mil. It's us. Pogo had it right.

SWAT armies, I believe, have largely been promulgated by spineless politicians not wanting to appear "soft on crime", legislating draconian punishments, enforced by might, and accepted by a largely apathetic public.

How many "wars" are we engaged in at home?
WAR on poverty, WAR on drugs, WAR on crime, WAR on terrorism ... How many more can you name?

I guess when your only tool is a war-hammer, every social problem appears to be a battle.
This leads to every street becoming a "battleground".

When phone companies are using a staged "dynamic entry" strictly as an attention getting device in commercials,  I feel that we've slid pretty far down this particular slope.

Hey Marcel, watch this!
The product being sold?
AT&T Multiview ... "With the My Multiview feature from AT&T U-verse, you can choose up to four channels and watch them at the same time on one screen.

Just in case yer not ADD enuf.

Friday, June 24, 2011

McCarthy-ism redux

Mordor on the Lake developments:

New Super-tenent o' Police sets new record for mendacity.

Goebbels would be proud

The take-away concept: .gov is sending arms to the ghetto to kill you.

S.W.A.T. Tots

Served up by Amazon® over at Tam's place.

I know. I know. No blogger has much any? control over what Amazon serves up on their affiliated ads.
But this one just slays me. Only $29.99! Clown shoes extra.

Can I get the battering ram with that?
Can we get the kids to do "dynamic entry stacks" for potty time?
How 'bouts flash bangs after nap-time?

You be the terrorist drug lord, I'll be the SWAT leader!

The Gallagher of Firearms

h/t Mad Saint Jack

Wish at times that my home range allowed trash 'n fruit shootin' like this.
Reminds me of the stage antics of this guy.

Friday, June 10, 2011

How'd YOU become a Gunnie?

Well, Jennifer, thanks for asking.
Not sure. Partly just by being born American I s'pose.

Dad had a 12 gauge. He went pheasant hunting a couple times a season. I got to tramp along at his side.
His pistols were "never touch" little pocket semi's. Never did shoot those.

In the early 60's, especially before the GCA of '68, guns weren't demonized.
Aisles of Toys r Us looked like plasticized gun shops.
Dolls for boys!?

TV had a plethora of Westerns, Bonanza, Have Gun Will Travel (Paladin), Death Valley Days, The Rifleman (my fave!), Rawhide, Wanted Dead or Alive.
Oddly enough, despite all this cultural ingraining, I've never owned a traditional SA Cowboy gun.
Uncle Terry somehow sent me a LAWS rocket tube from 'Nam.
I ruled the block when it was time to play army.

First gun: Crosman BB rifle, modeled after a M1 Carbine.
Best Christmas Gift  EVAH!
 I was about 12. Santa left it under the tree for Christmas morning. Not sure I even opened any other presents.
First subscription of my own at 13 years old; Outdoor Life.
Jack O'Conner, sparked an interest in rifles. Years of exposure in popular culture, reading years of "outdoors" magazines built up a powerful, unfulfilled hoplomania. Living in the 'burbs of Chicago, left little room for my disease to progress.

Enter Army. Shoot an honest-to-God M16 in basic. Think over the course of several days training, we got to shoot maybe, maybe 100 rounds max. Only qualified as "marksman". Earned "sharpshooter" with grenade tossing though!
Somewhere in there, got my F.O.I.D., Illinois's solution to keeping guns out of the wrong hands.

Discharge pay from Army was $400 and change. In '79, that was just enough to purchase a brand new 4" Colt Python.
 Sold to me by a high school buddy working the counter at Chucks Guns Shop.

Anyways, thats how it started. We don't have time now to talk about the years of American Handgunner subscriptions, or traveling across state lines in the family mini-van, rear seats removed to hold guns 'n gear, to try and put half-inch holes in paper from far, far away.
My name is Art. I am a shooter

Friday, June 3, 2011

Watch your brass

One issue with taking the M1A out for a walk last week was case separation. This was the fourth loading of this lot of brass. With only 20 rounds fired from a 100 round lot ... case separations were running HIGH. Not Good Attall! Zero % is the acceptable ratio.
Durn auto-focus, misses brass to focus on mat.
One of the most tiresome chores of reloading, for me, is the pulling of (bad) loads. I appreciate that I can deconstruct the round and recycle most of the components. That's all good. Investing extra time on the endeavor, not so much.

Positively lo-tech Kinetic Puller works
My guess is that my rifle is doin' what M1A's are famous for ... beatin' the tar outta brass.
To make sure my reloads are within spec, I check with a gauge. Stu has nice lil post on how he uses his. Keep in mind, firing reloads of ANY type voids the warranty with most all rifle manufacturers .

Accuracy and safety are assured with proper case dimensions
Anyhow ... I'm wishin' Wayward Son was still hangin' around. Pullin' rounds is the perfect chore for a Reloading Apprentice.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Range Run Report

Tuesday brought a run to the ISRA range.
Just a quick "been too long" run.

Couple o' pistols. Couple o' rifles.
Son was pleased that he put a group exactly where he wanted.
Especially since he used "Kentucky windage" to put it there.

100 yards from bench
Won't set any records. Not bad at all for someone that hadn't touched this rifle for a couple years.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I hate when that happens ...

Humor App; 404
Started the day with my usual free ice cream.
Found out that my humor app was all FAIL on my startup boot.

Obviously needed more java.