Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Avarice List

Just posted to the list ...
Sub-head; "Nice to have"
Ohio Ordnance Works, Inc.


American Rifleman article planted the seed.
Took a quick surf to the manufacturers site. Lo and Behold!
Why in the world settle for one $13,500 rifle when a $3,000 dual mount is offered?

This setup? $30,000 out the door.
 I mean, ya might as well double down, right?

Oh, oh, oh ... I'll need one of these too!
OOW 1918 A3; MSRP $4,000

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Whip it ou ... wait ... wait a minute ... where?

Og asks ... the blogoshere responds.

I've gotta problem with pocketknives.
I lose 'em.

When I read the post challenge by Og, I reached into pocket, fumbled and grrrrr.
Dammit. Again.
Over the years, I've misplaced dozens.
Had been carrying a small Gerber folder. It's around here somewhere.

When this happens ... I pickup one of my backups. Slip it into front pocket and carry on.

Missing it's scales, old SOG Stingray pressed back into service.
My rule now-a-days, no more than $20-$30 for an everyday pocketknife.
They just go missin' on me too often.

Friday, September 16, 2011

GardenSerf Run 'n Gun

h/t gardenSERF

Go to gardenSERF's for the written explanation of this excercise.

gardenSERF's Run 'n Gun drill

Gonna have to chat to the range master on this one.
ISRA range has got the 300 yards.
Never seen anything like this run out there though.
Would be shooty awesomeness

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Og runnin' gun-less near shooting range

 h/t Neanderpundit

Og found himself working within sight of a range, sounds like.
I gigged him (i kid) for not having a "truck gun".
Truth be told, I aint got one neither.
Got a carbine or two that might fill the bill.
Just don't carry 'em aboard the pick-em-up regular like.

Even in the Peoples Republic of Illinois, legal transport isn't hard to abide by.
As long as firearm is unloaded, fully enclosed in a case,
FOID if IL resident, or eligble to possess or acquire firearms in their
state of residence, transport is legal.

IL State Police have a pdf/brochure available here

Illinois State Police brochure

All that being said, I understand that there's a ton o' reasons I or Og may not want to risk transport on a continual basis. Theft is the major concern for me.

Legal Transport of Firearms in the Peoples Republic of ILL

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bullsh#t on Gun Control

Thanks with a h/t to LAD

I'm sure this has been around awhile and Circa '08; viewed by many ...
it may be new to those without deluxe cable.
A classic.
Part 1 of 3

Always worth a replay.