Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Point 'n Shoot drills

There's a number of close quarter drills out there.
CarTeach0 lays one out in detail. He includes all the safety parameters. Follow 'em.

While there's no substitute for live fire drills, I got something close.
Plastic bullets.
Loaded with magnum pistol primers, NO POWDER.

Target 45 Plastic Bullets, Made by the Good Ol' Boys in Lewiston

The point of impact will be different than lead. However, for learning the draw, weapon presentation, and firing at contact range, it's the cat's meow. POI isn't different enough at those ranges.

45 Plastic Bullet vs. 185 grain JHP

Bonus is that you can set up a home range. With the proper backstop, the bullets can be collected and reused. A few large scraps of carpet, hung from the rafters of the garage, a cheap tarp doubled over a line behind the carpet, and you've got yourself a backstop.

Don't minimize safety with these rounds. Use all the normal safety gear; eyes and ears. The danger of ricochets also needs to be addressed. These primer powered rounds will still reach 500 fps and can cause injury up to 75 feet.

h/t Carteach0

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