Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Want ... Not need

h/t The Firearm Blog

Chiappa Arms 1887 T-series 12 gauge
Handy. Deadly. Terminator-y
Had a pistol grip on my Mossberg 590 for a short while. It's all good til it comes to the shootin' part. Mebbe my wrists are just too girly-like and sensitive ... but 3" 12 gauge rounds are a bit punishing with a pistol grip. Aiming? Ummm ... nevermind. Beyond contact range? Doesn't appear to even have a bead on the tube.

Much mo' practical model
If'n I just had to have an antiquated action 12 gauge, I'd take the full stock version. Appears to even have  a bead for sighting!

Cowboy Biker Mounted Shooting Association
Besides ... the pistol grip version is incomplete without the Harley Davidson Fat Boy.

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