Saturday, April 28, 2012

Because gun bans work so well

h/t Chicago Trib

Video here @ WGNTV a Tribune Company

Five people were wounded as they were apparently waiting for a CTA bus this afternoon in the South Shore neighborhood on the South Side. The shooting happened in the 7900 block of South Jeffery Boulevard, said Police News Affairs Officer John Mirabelli.
Preliminary reports stated the victims were standing at the corner when someone approached on foot and opened fire, striking them. The gunman then fled in a minivan, said Police News Affairs Officer Veejay Zala.
Real safe city ya got there, Rahm.
No doubt you'll double down on calls for tougher laws on gun ownership.

Because it'd be too radical to admit the truth.

That gangsta punks don't care about your laws.
That gangsta punks don't care about imprisonment.

Gangsta punks don't care about human life.
Acts like the above are more likely a gang recruitment exercise or the settling of a personal beef.

And it's a widespread, well-fed, deeply entrenched subculture that lives, breathes and controls huge swaths of the greater metro area.

QotD from bystander; "It's gotten real bad down here"

Thursday, April 26, 2012

That there is some mighty testicular marketing.

h/t Hornady.

In preparation for F-Class matches, I've dusted off the reloading bench. Let's see, I've got some of these old Hornady VMax, moly coated, 55 grain, .223 pills to load up. Got some load data. They've been sweet at the 100 yard range. Now, how much will that load drop on it's trip to the 300 yard bullseye? Well, Hodgdon has a nifty ballistics calculator online. But, Cheese, now I need the ballistic coefficient of that there boolit!

Used to be, ya better have a shelf of reloading manuals. Then came the internetwebtubes.
Now by surfing through a handful of manufacturers sites, perhaps a shooting forum or two, there's very few obscure, arcane bits of info that can't be dug up.
 So, in the pursuit of external ballistics, I stumble across the youtube video above. They feature some vids of hunting. With a heavy metal soundtrack. Not the stalk. Not the sitting in a stand. More of the "where the critter meets the lead" variety. Terminal Ballistics.

Not for the squeamish, terminal ballistics video is ... ummm ... graphic. Flying gophers, somersaulting coyotes. Even a damn charging elephant. That's some big money safari hunting there.
Gotta say, the elephant hunting clip, reminded me of this old, under-rated Clint Eastwood movie more than anything else.

White Hunter Black Heart

All I wanna do is nail the X-ring.

FCC disclaimer; Author received no compensation for the fawning product placement. Not that I wouldn't be pleased if a case of bullets appeared on the front porch. Just sayin'.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Here's yer sign ...

Borepatch: I gotcher "Common Sense" gun control

BorePatch wants this ...

I tweaked it for easier printin'. Feel free!

8.5" X 11" format. Print and Post. Smile.

Friday, April 20, 2012

F-Class Fever

My State Rifle Association gave an introductory workshop on F-Class shooting last weekend.
I was glad to be able to attend. I've read a few articles on these kinds of matches and thought i'd enjoy trying it.
example of set-up at the firing line

At the ISRA Range, they shoot at the NRA MR-63FC target at the 300 yard range.

Here's approximately what I saw through the scope.

Springfield 5.56 Tactical @ 14x magnification

Regardless of the drizzling rain, we noobs elected to try an abbreviated practice match. We split into 2 squads. One went to the pits, one set up on the line. My rifle (Colt HBAR 5.56) had a 100 yard zero dialed in. I had only brought some S&B 55 grain plinking ammo.

We each sent 10 rounds downrange. I tried a couple different points of hold. I had trouble seeing the scoring disks. This kind of match should really be called O.F. Class, Old Fart Class. Gonna have to ask for the Large Type scoring disks if I make it to a match. My first scored target ...

I was glad to be mostly in the black

League starts next month. Hoping to make a match or two.

Friday, April 13, 2012

NRA Life Member Mittens

h/t HuffPo

July 1, 2004; Mitt signs Massachusetts State Assault Weapons Ban
NRA Life Member since 2006, Mitt will be addressing the NRA convention in person today.
I'm sure that he'll be sayin' things the audience wants to hear.

Do ya feel like you've got no other option?
Do ya trust him more than the "other guy"?

The money quote from a Massachusetts resident, Henry Dane, president of the Concord Rod & Gun Club 
"I'm willing to give him a chance on these issues because I think his heart is much closer to being in the right place then the other guy,"

Overall the HuffPo article seems to be written as a COINTELPRO piece written with a smirk, sowing seeds of doubt about the "R" guy. Like ... Where ya gonna go?
Bottomline? I've got no doubts. You can't trust any politician to protect your rights.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Going once ... Going twice ...

Sold! Online Estate auction of nearly 400 firearms. 
Looks interesting and affordable for those looking to buy.