Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cleaning out the Garage ...

The Rat's Nest that formerly housed Autos occasionally will undergo shifts in strata.
Shovels may be used. HazMat suits usually aren't required. Ephemera of previous centuries are sometimes uncovered. Discovered this week ...

You may be a shooter if'n ya recognize this face

Precision Shooting. March 96.

Used to have a subscription.
For those who haven't read this fine rag, the subhead says it all.
Dealing exclusively with the topic of extreme rifle accuracy. Each edition held something interesting.
Dave Brennan edited with an old school manner that contributed to the uniqueness of this publication.

So ... anyone want this? Perfect Condition. Includes exclusive interview of cover photo subject.
Tell ya what ... the first $5 contribution to the Benevolent Societie of Range Rat Health & Welfare gets it. Just leave a mailing address.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"Sniper" Detectors .. Listenin' to the street

Coming soon to Middle America.
ShotSpotter, hooked up to the cloud, installed in such free-fire zones as Omaha, NE, will pinpoint "snipers". Brought to you by the Military/Industrial/Homeland Security Complex's usual suspects ...

We never forget who we're working for

Add ShotSpotter gizmos to yer LE shopping list now!

I'd love to see the user interface ... on a hot August weekend in Ghetto USA

Drones are already available with a federally subsidized grant.
Cameras proliferate. Now add microphones.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Today is day 2 of Rod Blagojevitch's sentencing. I don't remember another case that warranted more than one day. Rod ... to the end, remains an extraordinary poltroon.

Illinoisans elected, then reelected, Rod. Based on his "reformer" platform.
Round these parts, reform usually refers to reforming whose pockets are being lined.

Over the years, a recurring thought would cross my mind.
Are We Really This Stupid?
Sadly, I think prob'ly so.
Cuz, the thought that invisible hands (cough, cellinni, etc.), manipulating a state election,
to emplace a useful tool, who turned out to be too dumb to learn the game, is scary and just too crazy.