Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Stephen Hunter's new book

writes a decent book.
shoots a rifle well.

Gotta look into that writin' stuff!

Tip o' hat to the firearm blog

Friday, November 12, 2010

Thursday, November 4, 2010

'Run-and-gun' shooting sport surges in Pa.

From the Centre Daily Times ...

Welcome to the surging world of defensive pistol shooting.
Also known as action or practical shooting - or "run and gun" to be catchy - the competitive sport blends speed and accuracy for shooters who test their skills while moving.
Though it has several branches and can involve a range of weapons including shotguns and rifles, action shooting generally involves testing the skills of shooting pistols or revolvers for self-defense.

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New shooting facility in IL

From the news crawl ...
Carpentersville, IL
Thru a Special Permit approval, Carl Swanson of Chicago Armory LLC plans to open the school, which is to include a rifle range, a pistol range and physical training facilities. Anyone — from individuals to security firms and municipal, county and state governments — will be able to train at the facility. The site is in the Spring Hill Center industrial park off Route 31 on the north edge of the village.

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Wonder when it'll be open to the public.
A bit off my well-travelled path, but worth the ride ... dependin' on whats available there.