Friday, August 31, 2012

Firearms Class Groupon Deal

Just a heads up for you IL shooters. One day left ... 53% off!
Groupon has a deal up for training classes in Oakbrook Terrace based Law Weapons and Supply

Law Weapon and Supply Class
Never heard of the outfit, so not personally vouching for them.
Just passing along info.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Your call is important to us ...

Please continue to hold and your call will be answered by the next available agent.

Why am I on eternal hold?
Because I was lucky enough to get through the "busy signal wall".
It takes about 5 or 6 attempts to get through.

This would be an improvement over the current system

Who am I trying to reach?
The Illinois State Police FOID Division.

How long will I be on hold?
Estimated 64 minutes today. Couple days ago it was 83 minutes. I hung up.

Why bother?
Because I'd like to know when my renewed FOID might be expected.
They took my money 5 weeks ago.

What am I learning?

What else?
Hmmmm ... a creeping suspicion that a legislatively decreed "licensing" of rights can be suppressed or negated by intentional neglect of said systems designed to control citizens asserting their 2nd Amendment rights.

So ...
After an hour (!) on hold, I got through to an operator. I was told that they got my application 34 days ago. (They cashed my check 36 days ago). I was told that I'd "probably get my card in a couple of weeks." By law, this process is to be completed within 30 days. 'Tis another example of "the State" being unable to comply with the systems and laws that they set up.

Not happy. Nor pleased. I called my State Senator. Lodged a polite complaint with her office. Along with a promise to call back in two weeks if I haven't received said id.

Lesson learned?
There might be forty other states to live in that I'll feel more like a "citizen" and less like a "subject"

Monday, August 6, 2012

What's it going to take to change gun laws?

Live CNN Cafferty's Question of the Hour.
A new Pew Research poll shows that these mass gun shootings don't change the publics view of gun laws.
To paraphrase Jack; "In light of the recent mass shootings in Aurora Colorado, the Sikh Shooting in Wisconsin, the Virginia Tech massacre, the Giffords shooting, what's it going to take to change gun laws in America?"

Jack, you poor misguided slut
or as I heard the question ... "Why is the Blood Waltz not as Effective as in Years Past?"

To answer Cafferty's question ... Seems that persistent, sober work to return God given rights to legal status by dedicated Americans is what changes gun laws. Blood dancing? Not so much anymore.

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