Tuesday, June 28, 2011

IL Politics

I apologise for the constant interruption of politics in this space.
However as a shooter living in the shadow of Mordor on the Lake, the stench intrudes into my daily life.
I promise a range run report later this week.
© Oleg Volk

First ... to answer Oleg's question, Why do IL legislators side with criminals?
Cuz "birds of a feather flock together" is the short answer. Plus ya can't be a Savior without a VICTIM to save. Politicians want you to believe that they can solve your problems. In other words, they lie.

Kurt at the St. Louis Examiner writes an interesting article titled Illinois stands alone in banning armed self-defense. In it he quotes the Mighty Quinn espousing the need to keep our streets safe from hidden handguns (concealed carry) “We must ensure the safety of our neighborhoods, and allowing concealed carry does not advance that goal,”
There's a few things our esteemed (appointed via succession/Blago impeachment) governor fails to admit;
  • Illinois is full of concealed carry. Criminal Concealed Carry. What we lack is legal CCW
  • Government can never ensure safe neighborhoods. That is determined by the daily actions of you and your neighbors.
Legislators can do only one thing. Write laws. Thats it. Nothing more. They can't ensure your safety. They can't promote your well being.  When your only tool is writing law, every solution to societal problems becomes one of just writing the correct mix of laws. Herein lies the problem. The natural Law of Unintended Consequences trumps man-made legislation ever' single time.

Illinois statehood was ratified in 1818. We've had almost 200 years of the political class legislating our general welfare, commerce and all other aspects of daily life. The system as practiced in Illinois appears to be corrupt and rotten to the core.
New tougher seatbelt law! Feel safer yet?

I'll end with a quote from an really smart, old dead guy, "The more laws, the less justice"
Folks round here even named a town after him.
Irony seems to be the one resource that Illinois has no shortage of.

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