Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hey Marcell !

Post spurred by Underground Carpenter2

Dave posits the question, "Does silence equal consent?"
Then asks "If the American military, out subjugating the world, hadn’t shown our local cops how to bust down doors and murder people, would we have multiplying SWAT armies here at home?"

I call "foul!" It ain't the mil. It's us. Pogo had it right.

SWAT armies, I believe, have largely been promulgated by spineless politicians not wanting to appear "soft on crime", legislating draconian punishments, enforced by might, and accepted by a largely apathetic public.

How many "wars" are we engaged in at home?
WAR on poverty, WAR on drugs, WAR on crime, WAR on terrorism ... How many more can you name?

I guess when your only tool is a war-hammer, every social problem appears to be a battle.
This leads to every street becoming a "battleground".

When phone companies are using a staged "dynamic entry" strictly as an attention getting device in commercials,  I feel that we've slid pretty far down this particular slope.

Hey Marcel, watch this!
The product being sold?
AT&T Multiview ... "With the My Multiview feature from AT&T U-verse, you can choose up to four channels and watch them at the same time on one screen.

Just in case yer not ADD enuf.

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Underground Carpenter said...

Hi Art,

Good post with good points. Thanks for the link.