Friday, June 3, 2011

Watch your brass

One issue with taking the M1A out for a walk last week was case separation. This was the fourth loading of this lot of brass. With only 20 rounds fired from a 100 round lot ... case separations were running HIGH. Not Good Attall! Zero % is the acceptable ratio.
Durn auto-focus, misses brass to focus on mat.
One of the most tiresome chores of reloading, for me, is the pulling of (bad) loads. I appreciate that I can deconstruct the round and recycle most of the components. That's all good. Investing extra time on the endeavor, not so much.

Positively lo-tech Kinetic Puller works
My guess is that my rifle is doin' what M1A's are famous for ... beatin' the tar outta brass.
To make sure my reloads are within spec, I check with a gauge. Stu has nice lil post on how he uses his. Keep in mind, firing reloads of ANY type voids the warranty with most all rifle manufacturers .

Accuracy and safety are assured with proper case dimensions
Anyhow ... I'm wishin' Wayward Son was still hangin' around. Pullin' rounds is the perfect chore for a Reloading Apprentice.