Friday, April 20, 2012

F-Class Fever

My State Rifle Association gave an introductory workshop on F-Class shooting last weekend.
I was glad to be able to attend. I've read a few articles on these kinds of matches and thought i'd enjoy trying it.
example of set-up at the firing line

At the ISRA Range, they shoot at the NRA MR-63FC target at the 300 yard range.

Here's approximately what I saw through the scope.

Springfield 5.56 Tactical @ 14x magnification

Regardless of the drizzling rain, we noobs elected to try an abbreviated practice match. We split into 2 squads. One went to the pits, one set up on the line. My rifle (Colt HBAR 5.56) had a 100 yard zero dialed in. I had only brought some S&B 55 grain plinking ammo.

We each sent 10 rounds downrange. I tried a couple different points of hold. I had trouble seeing the scoring disks. This kind of match should really be called O.F. Class, Old Fart Class. Gonna have to ask for the Large Type scoring disks if I make it to a match. My first scored target ...

I was glad to be mostly in the black

League starts next month. Hoping to make a match or two.

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