Thursday, April 26, 2012

That there is some mighty testicular marketing.

h/t Hornady.

In preparation for F-Class matches, I've dusted off the reloading bench. Let's see, I've got some of these old Hornady VMax, moly coated, 55 grain, .223 pills to load up. Got some load data. They've been sweet at the 100 yard range. Now, how much will that load drop on it's trip to the 300 yard bullseye? Well, Hodgdon has a nifty ballistics calculator online. But, Cheese, now I need the ballistic coefficient of that there boolit!

Used to be, ya better have a shelf of reloading manuals. Then came the internetwebtubes.
Now by surfing through a handful of manufacturers sites, perhaps a shooting forum or two, there's very few obscure, arcane bits of info that can't be dug up.
 So, in the pursuit of external ballistics, I stumble across the youtube video above. They feature some vids of hunting. With a heavy metal soundtrack. Not the stalk. Not the sitting in a stand. More of the "where the critter meets the lead" variety. Terminal Ballistics.

Not for the squeamish, terminal ballistics video is ... ummm ... graphic. Flying gophers, somersaulting coyotes. Even a damn charging elephant. That's some big money safari hunting there.
Gotta say, the elephant hunting clip, reminded me of this old, under-rated Clint Eastwood movie more than anything else.

White Hunter Black Heart

All I wanna do is nail the X-ring.

FCC disclaimer; Author received no compensation for the fawning product placement. Not that I wouldn't be pleased if a case of bullets appeared on the front porch. Just sayin'.

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