Monday, July 18, 2011

Tune in ... Turn on ... Drop out.

The title was a mantra of the hippies. Where have all the hippies gone?

Finally tuned into Mr. Codrea's new "radio" show. Hooked up to the link for Monday Show (heart you internetz!). Lead in sounded excellent. The show has high production values. Yay. Nothin' worse than trying to listen to something that sounds like it's being broadcast from the bottom of a garbage can. No ... this sounds good.

Dave starts with introductions of the topics at hand, and it all sounds good.
I'm a lissenin' ... thinking this is gonna be soooo cool.

Dave gets to the end of his first segment. His final tease is; "Coming up later in the show, Stewart Rhodes of Oathkeepers, is going to tell us why disobeying orders can be the patriotic thing to do." This is The War on Guns, notes from the resistance, join the resistance..."

As God is my witness ... The very first commercial, after the musical bumper of Johnny Cash singing "No, I won't back down ..."

No ... HE won't back down

"Attention Parents ... if your son is 11 to 17 years old, and exhibits oppositional or defiant behavior patterns,  we will offer you our best selling child behavior program, "The Total Transformation" for free! As part of a national market research project. By sending in your results, you'll get our $300 program for free! Call Now! Repeat 800 number 3x for effect!

Total Transformation ... Totalitarian ... In a good way!

My subconcious, it tripped. I mean there it was just chugging along, then one foot tangled with t'other, and BLAM! Face-plant on the cee-ment.

I had to stop the feed and rewind (heart you internetz!).
The juxtaposition! It's delicious!

My subconcious makes excuses for it's clumsiness. How can programming thoroughly espousing resistance, carry advertizing for "programs" freely promoting  to wipe resistance out in your progeny?!

I dunno. Mebbe, like the "age of consent" 11-17 years olds haven't reached the legal age of bellicosity.

Still like the show.
Subconcious last seen stumblin' around the ratsnest, somewhere around here.


Underground Carpenter said...

Hi Art,

I'd be suspicious of any teenage that wasn't hulking, surly, and rebellious.

When I was a teenage (centuries ago), my actions looked like rebellion, but were mostly thoughtlessness.


Art said...

Agreed Dave ... same here.

My inner 17 year old still dislikes those "authoritarian programming" spiels, i guess.


Aging is mandatory, maturity is optional.