Wednesday, July 27, 2011

First zombie apocalypse shotgun, Which one?

Buddy called.
He was giving me the match schedule update. Thanks!
Shared that he was chatting up the salesman at the gun shop, expressing his needs regarding long guns.
Specifically, his first long gun.
Seems that the salesman pulled out some Kel Tec's to peruse.

I may have found my "motorcycle gun! Kel Tec SU16A, .223 cal., folding stock
Chatting about a shotgun, led to the presentation of a box magazine fed shotgun from the shelf.
Was told the mag could hold 30 rounds.
There's not many to choose from in that configuration. Wonder if this was one?

Or maybe a Saiga?

Saiga 12 gauge, box magazine fed
 Not box mag fed, I'm not sure this Kel Tec shotgun is even in the retail stores yet.

14 rounds; 7 in each tube(s)

I dunno. That's all tacti-cool 'n stuff. However, bull-pups take some getting used to.
I would consider all detachable mag smoothbores to be "special use" guns. Given the proper scenario, say manning a road block, they might make sense. But all these are relatively new designs.

Some would argue for a single shot or double barrel. An easy to learn Manual of arms. Simple, sturdy, old-as-dirt design.
NEF Pardner Single shot
The argument against these are lack of follow up shots.  Another "special use" gun.

My first 12 guage was a Mossburg M590. Simple pump action. The Remington 870 is another popular option. Both are refinements of designs that have been around for multiple decades.
Top: Remington 870 Bottom: Mossburg 590
Bud had to hang up before we could finish the conversation.
If'n I was ax'ed ... I'd steer Bud towards a proven, time tested platform, like the Mossburg or Remington.

Regarding the choice for a first rifle?
That's a topic worth any number of posts.

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