Saturday, July 30, 2011

Shoot a zombie this week

h/t Caleb/GNM & Cheaper Than Dirt
You have until Sunday August 7 to enter this E-Postal Match

ZOMG! Zombie! With a knife!
Download the target!
Read the rules!
Make a range run and have some fun!

Click on the pic caption above to go to the CTD site for all the above.

E-mail it all to,

1 comment:

Barrister O' The Berm said...

Hilarious! I love the knife. I'm not sure that's a very solid combat grip he's got on that thing.

In fact, it looks almost as if he's presenting it to the viewer, confused . . . "can you help me, I always find liner locks so hard to fold?"

Nevertheless I'd still shoot 'em. Oh, there are some "good" Zombies, I'm sure. But the best Zombie is a dead Zombie.