Thursday, January 20, 2011

Y'know ... I tried ..

I was thinking I'd start this lil gunblog. And just talk about shootin'. More as a notebook to record (hopeful) progress as I dipped my toe in the IDPA pool during senior swim time.

I didn't wanna go the full 'tard Politico here. I thought I could neatly bifurcate the subject. Leave the political circus and serious issues aside. Just concentrate on hardware, and training techniques for the "sport".

But I can't.
The news-cycle keeps circling around to mayhem in which gun(s) are an "evil-force multplier"
Knee-jerk reactions, teeth-gnashing, navel-gazing, and gen-u-wine hysteria ensue widely. 
The TJIC Affair is (I believe) a genuine ill-concieved, ill-timed, over-reaching, example.

As i carefully glue this poster in place, i wonder,
What kind of America are my sons about to inherit?
Are we free to express our mind?  Mmmmmmm ... not always it seems.