Thursday, January 20, 2011

And then ...

There is Tunisa.
I mean WTF?

It was like the citizenry, enmasse, snorked, and snorked, and spat out a huge green guvm'nt loogie.
They just aimed for the gutter and horked it out. Guvm'nt gone.
Not that there wasn't some discomfort

Reminded me of other "end-games" ... like  East Germany.

Ok ... I'll admit it ... a lil daydream ... i saw a huge rotunda, steps of a most capital nature,
paperwork strewn about, whilst civil throngs walked aimlessly through empty offices and hallways.

The game is being played on a rapidly evolving field ... 
Censored Tunisian Blogger Leaves Detainment, Enters Parliament ??

Seems like worldwide, ever'bodys got a thirst for a sip of that cool, clear freedom.

I can almost taste it myself.