Sunday, January 23, 2011

No Show

Like the sign said ... I could go either way.

Contacted Range Pard'ner. He responded that he was iffy.
I know. The pic doesn't look bad. Actual conditions was ice under a thin coat of snow.
Even though my range bag was hastily packed aboard and i was already on the road, i backtracked.
I could live without the hour commute on unsalted roads. I wussed out.

 Vowed that I'd make up for the missed range run with some solid dry firing excercises and clean out me range bag.

Saved the gas. Saved the ammo. Saved the range fee. All good.
However, the perishable hand/eye skills that make up the skillset to run a match continue to deteriorite.

Oh. The trigger finger seems ok. Just a touch of pain in spots. Slight sprain?