Sunday, December 30, 2012

SPAR15 ... Small Penis AR15

New Day. New Meme.
Seems that in the pursuit of "a national conversation" about gun control, a certain Todd Hartley believes that telling owners of semi-auto rifles that they're "compensating for their small penises" is an effective debate tactic.

A respectable 1.4"

Really? What are we Todd, 4th graders?

As Joel points out, Todd,  a Big Truck = Small Penis meme didn't tank Hummer sales. It was $5/gal gasoline prices. Adults make decisions like that. Cost/benefit analysis. Most ignore childish taunts like yours.

Gun owners make cost/benefit analysis decisions too. Many have decided that the cost of being disarmed has too high a price. Many Americans have decided that the cost of a government monopoly of force has far too high a price.

And Todd? Even if your sexual inadequacy projection fantasy were true or possible, what kind of insensitive bully would that make you? The kind willing to make fun of the less endowed? And here I thought the gunnies were supposed to be the low brow, unfeeling, name-calling troglodytes! Your disconnect from reality, your mean-spiritedness descends into misogyny when you want to tell women rifle owners that they too are "compensating for small penises".

Todd, for some sensitivity training, I steer you to a movie titled "My Penis And Everyone Elses"
Seems like you want to talk about penises and their size ... alot. This movie does just that.
Watch it for free on Top Documentary Films

Lastly, Todd, if the penis obsession wasn't enough, when you actually provide a quote that states,
"That's the plain and simple truth, even if it's not true."
 you've pretty much disqualified yourself from the debate. At least at the grown-ups table.

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