Friday, December 28, 2012

Meme(s) of the week

Take your pick! Free! While they last!
First we have David Gregory, host of Meet the Press, last Sunday, with a 30 round magazine, used as a prop. Ummmm, make that an (illegally possessed in DC 30 round magazine) brandished in a DC studio.

NBC, the network that brought you exploding SUV's

Next up ... looking forward, Diane (I carry concealed, but you peons shouldn't) Feinstein is featured in this mash-up graphic. Inspired by her leaked rework of an Assault Weapons Ban Rebirth

Comrades! Surrender your firearms!
Because, y'know, disarmament worked so well for the Russians under Stalin, worked so well for the Germans under Hitler, worked so well for Pol Pot, worked so well for Mao. How about a new slogan for the gungrabbers?

Disarmament ... Because genocide is impossible without it!

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