Friday, March 9, 2012

Pistol Brass Prep

The Ultimate Reloader has posted a great primer on the basics of pistol brass prep.
I purty much follow the same workflow.
My method, starting with fired brass:
  • Sort brass by caliber
  • Tumble in corn cob with a little brass cleaner added
  • Sort clean brass by headstamp. If I've shot only one brand the fired brass is already headstamp sorted. 
  • Inspect cases for splits, dents, crushed mouths or other deformities. These are culled and trashed.
  • Run clean, brand sorted brass through depriming/resizing die.
  • On my Lee 1000, I'll pull this brass and prime using a hand priming tool. Sometimes I'll do this on my Dillon AT500 as well. The machines don't have the same level of finesse that a hand primer does.
At this point, I've got brass that's cleaned, deprimed, resized and reprimed.

Haven't ever lubed pistol brass tho. With carbide dies it isn't required. UR claims that it smooths the operation of his press. OK. I'll bite. I'll try it. I'll let ya know. +1 on the commentors tip of spray lube a small batch 'o brass in a paper bag, then shaking to distribute lube.

h/t The Ultimate Reloader

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