Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Infamous firearms

h/t Uncle

A Thompson submachine gun and a shotgun left behind when Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow fled Joplin in a shootout with the law in 1933 brought $210,000 at auction Saturday. The Joplin Globe
 A small crowd of 150 people. A 15 minute event. 5 bidders.
 Bonnie 'n Clyde muggin' it up for the camera. Don't think that's a 1897 Winchester she's wielding.

12 gauge Model 1897 Winchester?

Nah ... here's whatta 1897 looks like ...

Winchester 1897 Model


Andrew Schilling said...

clyde barrow carried a sawed off pistol grip Browning A-5 called it his "whippet"

Andrew Schilling said...

he carried a browning auto-5 called his "whippet" sawed off barrel n shortened butt stock himself into a pistol grip