Sunday, January 29, 2012

Five most wanted ...

Robb ax'ed. Og chimes in.
Here's my nickles worth

I usually have a list goin'.
Changes as time goes by. Adding my two cents.
Like Robb, I like recoil ... to a point. The Guru had a word to describe this phenom, damned if i can find it. Nonetheless ... with budget being no concern ...

  1. Springfield Armory Range Officer. Cuz I only have one 1911!
  2. Savage Model 110BA in 338 Lapua. Cuz brass cost is of no concern.
  3. SA 58 DSA's version of a folding stock FAL. MBR for the moto-cycle
  4. S&W Model 24 Classic Carbon Steel and Walnut. Just like God meant handguns to be.
  5. Ohio Ordnance Works Model 1918 A3 SLR. Cuz I don't have a 30-06! I'm beginning to see some real shortcomings in my armory!
30-06! Same as Caje carried!

Y'know ... I'm thinking this should be broken up ... top 5 long guns and top 5 handguns for an overall top 10.

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