Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Og runnin' gun-less near shooting range

 h/t Neanderpundit

Og found himself working within sight of a range, sounds like.
I gigged him (i kid) for not having a "truck gun".
Truth be told, I aint got one neither.
Got a carbine or two that might fill the bill.
Just don't carry 'em aboard the pick-em-up regular like.

Even in the Peoples Republic of Illinois, legal transport isn't hard to abide by.
As long as firearm is unloaded, fully enclosed in a case,
FOID if IL resident, or eligble to possess or acquire firearms in their
state of residence, transport is legal.

IL State Police have a pdf/brochure available here

Illinois State Police brochure

All that being said, I understand that there's a ton o' reasons I or Og may not want to risk transport on a continual basis. Theft is the major concern for me.

Legal Transport of Firearms in the Peoples Republic of ILL

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og said...

Yeah, I don't want anyone breaking into the truck to get a crappy old Nagant stored there. Someday I'll have something I can stash in there.