Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Targeting Targets

h/t Oleg Volk Studio

Oleg presents a new target with a rational for its appearance.
Visit his site for a downloadable pdf.
"VCA" Violent Criminal Actor Target
Seem to recall that Germany outlawed "humanoid targets ...
leading to double-headed ipsc targets.
Anyone know the truthiness of that? Or urban legend?

Deutschland legal?

I've collected target graphics for some time.
To compliment Olegs new one, a review of a few classics ...

FBI target ... "The suit" Reworked for cover of "Print" annual

Old School Thug
The full thug target with crotch area is always popular for a range date.  Shots to the genitals are always fun for some gals. Not sure why.

The crazy Magpull folks
Zombie matches ... of course require zombie targets.

Nothing beats a simple bulls eye for basic handgun work.
Lee made a diagnostic version to point out shooter errors based on where you're hitting.

This target gives the shooter a precise point of aim.

SigArms factory test target, artists reproduction

 Speedwell is a large supplier of all kinds of targets.

Calm hostage with boogerhook'n bad guy
I could do this all day. There's thousands of printed targets available out there.
Next time, I'll have to break it down into sub-groups ...

you gots yer political targets, yer photo realistic targets, of course yer hi-viz targets, yer exploding targets ...


Tam said...

My favorite photo target is the one where Ron Jeremy's holding Macaulay Culkin hostage.

Underground Carpenter said...

Hi Art,

I love the Lee diagnostic target.

Mrs. UC and I usually use soda pop cans for targets out here in the wide open desert, but I'd love to try paper zombie targets.


Art said...

Tam - That'd be a "no shoot" right?

Art said...

Hey Dave -
Xavier at the now defunct did alot of work introducing new shooters to the sport using a .22 and similar target to the Lee.

And I'm envious of the "wide open spaces". Hell ... even the ISRA range has been closed to .50bmg due to nimrods sending rounds over the berm and perfing a farmhouse.