Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Saturday Practice League

Another Saturday. Another round of practice.
Midwest Rod & Reel 'ait & Tackle
Good size crowd.
Twenty guys maybe?

Shot my Colt LW Commander. Serpa CQB holster. Hand rolled reloads, 200 gr Rainier FMJ RN over 4.5 grains of Titegroup.

Ol' Jack ran variations on two scenarios. Here's an example of Stage 1.

Stage 1; artists rendering
Shooter stands ready, facing targets, at position "A", approximately 5 yards from target 1. Engage targets 1, 2 and 3 with two hits each. Mandatory reload anywhere during stage. Keeping muzzle pointed downrange move to position "B". Engage target 4 with two hits. Move to position "C" to engage targets 5 and 6 with two hits each.

Stage 1, position A; 3D temporal reality

Stage 1, position B; JR gettin' it done
Jack varied how we ran this stage each time. Second run, shooter had to backpedal while engaging targets 1-3. Targets 4-6 same as before. Third run, shooter started with back to targets,  turn 180º, engaging targets 1-3, strong hand only, 1 body shot, 1 head shot. Targets 4-6 same as before.

As usual, my times were abysmal. About double what most of the guys got.
I did manage to shoot one stage clean. Progress! The biggest lesson is that I ain't the deadeye tacticool combat shootin' hombre my massive, yet fragile ego would like to believe.

Interesting note; Just last week, I wrote about phone app shot timers. As guys were waiting and watchin', phones were drawn, apps were downloaded and tested as other guys shot. Carteach0 writes about his experience with phone apps here. I sense a meme.

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