Monday, May 9, 2011

A perishable skill.

 That's how shooting is often described. Skills will deteriorate without practice.
So I've had about a half year, six months of perishing skills. That's a loooong lay-off of no matches, no range trips, no nuthin. That's alot o' nothin'. No excuses. Just what it was.

So when Shootin' Pardner insisted on goin' to the Saturday mornin' match, I had to go.
Glad I did. Thanks Pardner.

In anticipation of the vote on CCW for the Peoples Republic of Illinois, Jack ran us through his Concealed Carry Fundamentals. And I mean FUNDAMENTALS. Draw. Shoot. No scoot. No times. No scores. Longest distance? Seven yards.
Nonagenarian Jack running the firing line

It was a good day to be back at the range. After 150 rounds over three hours, I finally felt warmed up.
The Two Phils (Senior and JR) running a seated draw drill