Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dry Fire Safety Zone

As discussed earlier, dry fire practice is a worthwhile endeavor to keep and build eye/hand skills. However safely done, it's not without inherent dangers. Anytime ... ANYTIME ... human interacts with {firearm (automobile, table saw, electricity)} the potential for injury/death/dismemberment is present.
This could be you Meatbag

To minimize this potential danger, strict adherence to the 4 rules is mandatory.
As a tip of the hat to reality and the law o' Murphy, Rule 4 (Be sure of your target and of what is beyond it) gets special consideration. Not less. Just in case of massive brain fart, spike in stupidity, or other human failing, dry firing must be practiced with a secure backstop. Not something every home or apartment has. I've lived in spots that really had no such zone.

At the Redoubt Ruinenlust, luckily, I have an acceptable zone. It's not a large zone. An earthen and railroad tie retaining wall should contain any dim-witted shorts staining events. 
Artist's depiction of actual retaining wall

It forces me to place dry-fire targets at floor level, only practicing at a downward angle. It's not ideal. But preferable to the possibility of perforating several neighbors Dubble-Wides, much less neighbors.
Example of FAIL at Human/Machine interface

An adjunct rule is "clear all live ammo from the practice zone".
Area NOT ready for dry fire practice.
So ... bottom line... Dry fire practice helps. Cranial Rectal Inversion of practioner must be guarded against. Always. Every. Time.