Saturday, October 2, 2010

The fix for squibs

Soooo ... I was unprepared the last time (2 weeks ago) that I got a "pop" instead of a "bang". Luckily, one of the usual suspects lent me a "bore rod" that got me up'n'running again. My range bag was missing one tool that turns a bullet lodged in your barrel from a potential catastrophy into just another malf cleared.

That would be the Kubotan.
Part keyring. Part "small impact tool".
Easily carried in pocket or bag.

And purty damned handy for inserting into barrel, and forcing a jammed up pistol or revolver to cough up a lodged pill.

Massad Ayoob of Lethal Force fame used to sell 'em. He wrote at length about their use by cops 'n gunnies.